Wedding storytelling

Firenze – 7 e 8 aprile 2018

(in associazione con Deaphoto)

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Thoughts and words from a workshop


It was around seven years ago that I was sitting on a small wooden chair within a crowded classroom learning what meant operating the shutter of a camera.

Few years have now passed since then and in the meanwhile I have triggered that shutter innumerable times, so many times I have no idea what is the figure. For sure one thing I have not lost since those early when I could not figure photography would have been my daily special companion thereafter is the passion.

You may figure my  surprise when Sandro, who taught me how and why light was the key element of a picture, asked me first to attend to a seminar as a speaker and then arrange a workshop on wedding photography. I needed no encouragement .

It was the perfect chance to share my professional experience and I was so eager to put together the whole thing. A powerful self-motivation spurred my planning. I have gathered up all my ideas, too many and too messy to start with that I had think through them and elaborate what I wanted to disclose so many times that within the process a proper dissertation started taking shape.

I was hoping that the whole presentation had a coherent meaning for others as it had for myself. I have transcribed into words what has been my living seven years of photography, as they were, with no embellishments, hard and beautiful. I wanted to expose what others I wished would have shared with me years ago when these workshops were not commonly available.

The true goal was that such an effort would have been a helpful tool for the guys attended the workshop, with all my heart I hope that the participants left the workshop enriched with precious little notions they were not aware ahead, valuable even if only insinuating new doubts and considerations, if not instilling certainties.

For sure the whole workshop has been beneficial for myself, in order to deeply evaluate what I have achieved till now and assess how I have been working, to analyze those countless mistakes I have committed which I continue stubbornly to replicate, to reckon those few occasions I have flawlessly performed.

By all terms the workshop has offered a couple of greatly enjoyable days, despite I was fever constrained and almost totally voiceless. Again guys please forgive me I am aware it has not been that easy listening to me and follow my dissertation with such an inhibited voice level.

Quite a few people out there I want to sincerely thank. Starting with the participants who I had the chance to meet thanks to the workshop, I truly hope you had a beneficial and enjoyable experience and that I have met your expectations.

Thank you Silvia and Mirko, our models for a day. Thank you for having enthusiastically joined the project without considering me out of my mind for asking you.

Thank you Ilaria, you are not only a first class wedding planner but also a very generous person who kindhearted opened to us your wonderful home Villa il Rinuccino hosting us and making all  feel at ease and at home.

Thank you Stefania, our event make-up artist. It has been a pleasure cooperating with you after a few years we did not have a chance to.

Thank you Simona of Meriggio d’oro flowers, for having assembled a gorgeous bridal bouquet on a Saturday morning dawn with hardly any notice.

And last but not least (the best is often served at the end, like the dessert) thanks to Sandro and Deaphoto, not only for having conceived the project and believed in it from start to finish, but also for having me taught quite some time ago that taking a picture is not only triggering the shutter with your finger, but it’s expressing your own freedom.

Thank you all, see you next time…


PS I enjoyed doing some backstage photos, I hope you enjoy watching them


“La Fotografia di Matrimonio”

Firenze – 8 e 9 aprile 2017 

(in associazione con Deaphoto)

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