There is a little of me in each single picture. Photographs tell other people’s stories and also a little of my own one. It beholds each experience I have lived. There is a trace of each journey I have undertook.

All those who I have portrayed throughout my photographic experiences are somehow part of the pictures I take thereafter. In each picture there is a little piece of myself.

The more I pour pieces in my images the more they come back to me.

Within each scene I capture there are at least two individualities, one each side of the camera. Somehow just as like for a tale there is a narrator and a reader.

In each single picture there is a little piece of myself.

I do not take a picture because I have to. It’s my own will driving me, feeling the conjuring of all elements within frame converging to an ideal moment, a form of perception manifests itself spurring me to capture the moment triggering the shutter, diaphragm closes seizing the scene. Ever hectic light somehow seems to freeze and arises an all surrounding silence. It’s a kind of magic, and each picture I take feels like chanting a spell. In each single time a little piece of myself is part of these charms. All is an effort to have the portrayed stories telling themselves, I struggle to be in control of what available light provides to the scene and master the timing of what is occurring in front of my camera but each single time circumstances will prove themselves unpredictable.

If this little magic takes place an overall balance is gained, each single element fits in its appropriate place and all is harmony.

Hunting for this kind of magic is a privilege, witnessing it and gifting it to someone else is my driving effort. Sort like finding and gifting a little piece of myself, in order to seek and find the more of them each single time.

Feel the silence
It happens when there's no sound when the subject stays still in one singular fragment of time then when I don't look with my eyes and I start to feel with my heart.  
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When the background becomes subject and protagonist when the show is all around  it's about changing your perspective and focus on what often passes unnoticed. It's my athmosphere  
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Memories is what remains in your mind and heart at the end of the day when your eyes are tired after looked everywhere Memories is what you bring back home from your journey Time passes by but the strong memories always remain  Photographs fade over time but do not go ever away.    
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Private moment
It's she and she only who has dreamed of this moment since she was a little girl who keeps dreaming because the emotion makes her heart beat faster It is she who dresses and try the lipstick one more time. There are mothers and fathers, there are friends and over there in the corner of this private moment I stand every time so enchanted to hear what happens every time different and similar and always so incredibly magical and sometimes it's nor just her  
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The love in between
It's just for the two of them and it's a privilege to be there It frightens me, it's tricky it's always different and it's once in a lifetime So I try to enjoy the moment, I try to make it mine in a way, I put my heart in there.. I try  
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